Vacation Rentals in Tola, Nicaragua

Vacation Rentals in Tola, Nicaragua

Emerald Investment provides stunning vacation rentals in Tola, Nicaragua, perfect for families, surf enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a dream get-away.

With world-class surfing and beachfront paradises, you can spend your days living out your surfing dreams before enjoying relaxing nights with breathtaking views.

Whether you’re looking to book a vacation rental in Tola, Nicaragua, for a family vacation, friends getaway, honeymoon or surfing adventure, contact us today to get started.

Stunning Vacation Rentals in Tola, Nicaragua

Emerald Investment specializes in providing breathtaking vacation rentals in Tola, Nicaragua. Located in the heart of Nicaragua’s surf-rich Emerald Coast, our wide variety of locations offer opportunities to immerse yourself in local culture.

Our rentals can provide all the same amenities as a hotel but with the added bonus of home-style accommodations, local insights and affordable prices.

Hand-selected by our team, our properties cover a variety of styles from high-end development communities to Casas in small fishing villages.

Enveloped by jungles and mountains, there’s something for everyone – with private pools, stunning ocean views and vibrant local towns.

Tola and its surrounding areas are also home to dozens of untouched beaches, rich multinational cultures and incredible wildlife.

Vacation Services in Tola, Nicaragua

Nicaragua Vacation Rentals specializes in vacation rentals in Tola, Nicaragua, designed to make your holiday a breeze.

Owned and operated by long-term Nicaragua expats and dedicated local staff, every stay is guaranteed to be a memorable, relaxing experience.

With access to a wide range of stunning property, our Nicaragua vacation rentals in Tola include assistance with arrangements, details, transportation assistance and local insider knowledge.

We know that when you book a vacation, you’re doing so to relax and escape the stress of everyday life. By priding ourselves on customer service and passionate hospitality, we ensure every trip runs as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

Short and Long Term Vacation Rentals in Tola, Nicaragua

As an independently owned, full-service property and project management company, we can help you find a short or long-term vacation rental in Tola that is perfect for your needs and your family.

We regularly welcome guests from all over the world into properties that are fully equipped with everything you’ll need for a long-term stay, alongside all the amenities you need for a relaxing short-term getaway – such as in-house catering and nearby beach clubs.

Why Surfing Vacations Near Tola, Nicaragua Are So Highly Rated:

30 Miles of World-Class Surfing Coastline

Tola is located on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua, which has over 30 miles of world-class surfing coastline.

Emerging as one of the best surfing locations in the world, it makes the ideal choice for anyone ready to book a surfing vacation.

Many of our vacation rentals around Tola, Nicaragua, are just a short walk from the beaches that regularly provide world-class surf.

Year-Round, Consistent Offshore Wind

With offshore winds present for around 300 days each year, the Emerald Coast’s greatest quality is its consistency. In few other places in the world can you rock up on any given day and get conditions like we do here.

Located in the Southern Hemisphere’s swell path, swell is frequent here. Not to mention the 82° water temperatures!

Our vacation rentals in Tola, Nicaragua, also take you to the heart of surfing culture. The local communities and near-untouched landscapes provide an awakening environment. Tola, Nicaragua is also home to expats who have moved down here to make surfing a daily activity.

Surfing is so integral here that the surf spots are named perfectly. We’ve got the welcoming ‘Beginner’s Bay’, the epic barrels at ‘Playa Colorado’ and the experience-demanding ‘Popoyo, Inner Reef’ – all within a short drive (or by foot if you rent a nearby beach property!)

Picture Perfect Vacation Rentals in Tola, Nicaragua

Described as Nicaragua’s ‘hidden gem’, the Emerald Coast is a picture-perfect location. Despite growing in tourist popularity, it offers an untouched charm that few other places on earth still have. It’s like traveling back in time!

With coconut palms, pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters in every direction, it’s no surprise the lifestyle here is easy and laid back.

Whether you want to go hiking in the hills, walk along the shore at sunset or wake up near crashing waves, our vacation rentals in Tola, Nicaragua, have got you covered.

Things to Do on Vacation in Tola, Nicaragua

If relaxing 24/7 isn’t your thing, then you won’t be disappointed by the abundance of activities on offer. You can head off into the jungles to spot monkeys and other wildlife, go horseback riding, surfing, scuba diving, visit a yoga retreat, visit historic spots, drink ‘til dawn in the nearby towns, enjoy the stunning local food, go fishing, ride a chicken bus, watch live music and much more!

Property Management in Tola, Nicaragua

Emerald Investment also provides property management in Tola, Nicaragua.

As a full service property and project management company, we help property owners manage their investments so they can get their dream result.

Whether you need somewhere to stay during the construction of your property or you’re looking to rent out your place for vacations, we can help by providing local expertise and resources.

Real Estate Services in Tola, Nicaragua

Emerald Investment has an independently owned real estate base on the Emerald Coast that regularly helps property owners buy and sell, with meetings arranged directly with the owners themselves.

Business Consulting in Tola, Nicaragua

Emerald Investment also specializes in advising and consulting expats on their businesses in Nicaragua. With a strong network of local connections and experts in the area, we stand head and shoulders above our competition.

We provide advice and consultancy on any type of investment, from vacation rentals to restaurants and golf resorts.

Book a Vacation Rental in Tola, Nicaragua

Are you ready to experience Nicaragua’s hidden gem? Contact us today to book a vacation rental in Tola, Nicaragua!

With luxurious and breathtaking rental properties regularly added to our selection, we’re sure we can help you find the perfect place for you and your family.

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