Top 5 Reasons to Live/Retire in Hacienda Iguana Nicaragua

Situed along the Emerald Coast, Hacienda Iguana is one of the premier gated-communities for expats, visitors, and investors alike. Its unique community of residents, along with businesses and developers, have trasnformed this beachside neighborhood into one of the most well-known areas in Nicaragua . Here we will discuss our top 5 reasons why you should consider Hacienda Iguana as your future home.

1. Community

Many visitors and residents of Hacienda Iguana Nicaragua instantly recognize the unique sense of community that exists within this idyllic beachside neighborhood. The unique combination of full-time residents, locals, and tourists, along with the constant flow of local events and small businesses, all lead to a real community and small-town-vibe. It is hard to find in other such destinations. Come be our neighbor and see for yourself.

2. Dream Home

Most people have the common goal of building their dream home in their version of paradise. For many residents in Hacienda Iguana Nicaragua, the ability to design and build their dream home was a huge reason. So, they decided to live, retire, or invest in Hacienda Iguana. With plenty of available empty lots for sale, some as low as 40k USD, the possibility of starting your life and building your dream home is still a real possibility. Moreover, Contact Emerald Investment about the details of buying a home or check out our guide to buying property in Nicaragua.

3. Epic Surf

Whether you are an experienced surfer or just starting, it is undeniable that the beach at Hacienda Iguana. It is also known as Playa Colorado, is one in a million. The white sand beach, blue water, offshore wind, and constant swell, are all factors in creating a world-class surfing destination. The giant Lake Nicaragua to the east of Hacienda Iguana plays a huge role in creating the famous offshore wind which creates perfect waves and also helps provide a constant cool breeze. However, There are plenty of options within the community to rent a surfboard or book a surf instructor for those looking to increase their surf skills.

4. Golf

The 9-hole golf course in Hacienda Iguana is a unique and defining amenity of the community. Whether you play or not, the stunning fairways and golf cart paths create a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the local nature. Owners play for free with their HOA dues and residents or visitors can play for about $30. It includes golf cart, green fees, and rental clubs. Given the quality and location of this course, that is one of the best deals in golf. Check out our Hacienda Iguana Rentals and you can play on your next visit.

5. BeachClub

The Beachclub restaurant and bar is the epicenter of life in Hacienda Iguana. It is Located directly on the beach in front of the surf at Playa Colorado. The residents and visitors congregate here daily for the fantastic food from Pili’s Kitchen, a post-surf cocktail at the bar, volleyball tournaments, or just another amazing sunset. No trip to Hacienda Iguana Nicaragua is complete without a sunset Happy Hour at the Beachclub and a special treat from Pili herself.

Top 5 Reasons to Live/Retire in Hacienda Iguana Nicaragua

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